Alessandro Magnasco - Okultist Asklepios with the Bar and Hourglass

Victor Hugo, Le Pendu (“Ecce”) 1854

Imaginary Architecture (detail), François de Nomé, ca. 1600

Auguste Rodin French ,Sapphic Pair

Woman Thinking, 1940 Jankel AdlerInk on paper

Statue Sculpture (Louvre - Les Trois Grâces) by Tiquetonne2067

Deborah Turbeville
From the book, ‘Women on Women : Twelve Photographic Portfolios’, A&W Publishers Inc., New York, 1979

Εἰκοστή/ Εἰκὰς/ Εἰκοσάδες, XX day From today’s sunset: twentieth day of Metageitnion. Sacred Εἰκὰς: the twentieth of each month is always sacred to Apollo and Athena. Monthly festival dedicated to Lord Apollo. Sacrifice to Hera Telkhinia (Calendar of Erchia) “On the great twentieth, in full day, a wise man should be born. Such a one is very sound-witted.” “He (Hesiod) calls it ‘great’ because it contains most of the days of the month; therefore all the day is suitable for birth, or he (Hesiod) has called it ‘great’, as if it were completing great undertakings. The one who is generated in this day is very virtuous and learned.” Hesiod and scholia, Erga, 792 (Detail of Nike pouring a libation to Hera. From Attica, ca. 480 BC. now in the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design…)

Untitled (Death Mask), 1978

Arnulf Rainer

  1500 (Bottega di) Filippino Lippi (ca.1457-1504)

Erhard Amadeus Dier 

So haunted at moonlight with bat and owl and ghostly moth —. Charcoal illustration by Elizabeth Shippen Green for Our Tree-top Library by Richard Le Gallienne, in Harper’s magazine, March 1902.